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This policy explains in which way personal information is collected and processed on this website. The collecting and processing of this information happens in accordance with the Belgian legislation on privacy.

1.The processing of personal information

By browsing this website, the visitor agrees with the way collects and processes personal information and data as specified in the privacy policy.

2.Kinds of collected personal information

When you visit your IP-address will be registered as well as your browser and control system. The external website which sent you to this website, the pages you visited on this website and the date and time spend on every visited page of this website will be registrated too. This information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes with the sole purpose to improve .

Furthermore personal information as name, surname, phone number, E-mail,… can be collected by filling in the contact form, by placing an order, by signing up for the newsletter or by any other way in which you can fill in this information on

3.Purpose for collecting personal information

The personal information the visitor chooses to give us will only be used for its previously mentioned  purpouses. In other words, depending on the scenario (newsletter, contact form, placing an order) in which the information was given to us, it will be used.

After placing an order, the e-mail of the visitor can be used to inform the visitor about products and services.

4.Parties which access to the data

Data can be passed on to our operational partners.
Personal data can also be given to competent authorities if asked for it specifically.

The visitor must take in account that personal information filled in on the public places of our website, can be consulted by everybody.


We can only use your e-mail for the, by us, specified purposes in chapter 3.
In case the sender of the e-mail no longer wishes to receive newsletters or information about our services and products, he/she can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to

6.Cookies may use different kind of cookies,  some are of temporal nature and will be deleted when the browser is closed, some are used to identify the visitor at next visits and some are used for statistical analyses only.

The visitor can switch off the use of cookies in their settings but must take in account that by doing so the website may not function correctly.

7.Rights of the concerned

The visitor has the right to ask Deli Ostrich which personal information we own of that visitor.

The visitor has the right to alter his/her personal information.

The visitor has the right to resist to the use of his/her personal information for direct marketing purposes.

The visitor can practice these rights by contacting, providing that he or she can identify him or herself sufficient.


Deli Ostrich can alter its privacy policy without further notice.

9.Contact info

Deli Ostrich is responsible for the processing of personal information and supervises the confidentiality and safety of this information.
You can contact us by e-mail,, or by phone, +32 51 650 150.

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