Cervena lives on the green, open meadows of New Zealand. It has a light, lean and tender meat, a delight to discerning connoisseurs.
The Cervena label creates a specific palette of flavors for this premium venison, distinguishing it from wild venison, which has a strong game flavor and must be left on the stove longer or marinated to tenderize it.
Cervena is tender and soft, but still has a characteristic taste. Only a handful of specialist companies in New Zealand are licensed to use the Cervena label.
To be eligible for the Cervena label, animals must be 3 years of age or younger and raised naturally. This means that they walk around freely, are fed grass and do not receive hormones or steroids. In order to ensure consistently tender quality, Cervena must be manufactured to industry-approved standards.
The name Cervena combines traditional terms for venison with current use. Cer comes from Cervidae, the Latin word for deer. Venison's 'Ven' has a Latin origin and meant 'hunting', but over time the meaning changed to venison in general. The 'a' stands for 'A grade' or 'of the very best quality'.

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